Why Internet Lover Identity Check?  

Found a serious lover online? Some people do find true love online, but other apparently good matches are actually scammers from places like Nigeria or Ghana, who have made up fake profiles using other people's faces, with fake locations, to develop a fake relationship with you.

His/her aim is to make you believe he/she is truly in love with you, and immerse you in beautiful dreams of a perfect future with him/her. Then he/she will start to ask you "borrow" money, because of plausible but fake "urgent need".

In 2018 alone, 3981 Australians were victimized in romance scams, costing $24.6 million, plus an estimated 70-90% of cases unreported.

Why are so many people sending out money for someone they have only met online?  Because criminals are well equipped with tricks and techniques, in addition to forged documents, fake websites and fake profiles.  

You can still fall victim even if you are smart and careful. We have seen victims including professor, wealthy businessperson, IT consultant, etc... 

   Even if you are certain he/she is real, if he/she has asked for money help, you must check his/her identity immediately.

No victim believes himself/herself has fallen victim, until it is confirmed.

It's best is to check it when you are getting serious about him/her, before he/she asks you for money or other requests. Money request usually appears to be "very urgent" to ensure you do not have time to think or consult professionals or friends, while IT checking can take time depending on how busy we are.

We use our IT expertise to help you verify the identity, actual geo-location of your online lover, check whether their website is a fake, minimizing your risks based on facts, not based on guesses.

- Services -

- Photos identity Check -

Scammers use photos that do not belong to himself/herself.  2 possibilities:

i) to pretend to be an existing person.         But the person talking to you is not the person in the photo. 


ii) to create a non-existing person. Occupation and country of residence he/she claimed often do not match the actualperson in the photos.

AUD 60 - Non-refundable 

- Country / IP address capture (Accurate) -

Verify geolocation (country/area) of your online lover using IP address.  While he/she claims to be in United States, Europe or Australia, he/she would actually be in Africa or Malaysia etc if he /she is a scammer.

AUD 180 - Partial refund available.  Terms and conditions applies

- Verification of supporting websites, profiles, etc ... -

Your online lover (or his/her 3rd party support) can have sent you his/her company websites, Linkedin profiles, passport copy,etc.

It is incredibly easy to create professional, complex-looking fake websites.   We will help you verify how likely they are real or fake.  We specialize in checking company websites, online profiles etc.   If he/she gave you a fake website, then he/she is also fake.

AUD 48 - for 1 website / profile / document;

AUD 86 - for 2 websites / profiles / documents. (+AUD 38 for every 1 additional item)

( Partial refund available - terms and conditions applies)

- email's country source (IP address) -

This method has an advantage that no interaction from your online lover is required, as long as he/she had ever sent you an email.

The disadvantage is that some email service provider has hidden this information, and even if not, it is possible to forge.  

AUD 50 - Partial refund available.  Terms and conditions applies


- Campaigns -

Campaign 1:

If you believe that United Nations and governments of countries currently under frequent attacks by Internet romance scammers  should apply more pressure on Nigeria & Ghana to catch their internet scammers and impose very heavy penalties towards those scammers, please give a "Like" & Share it.

Campaign 2:

If you think governments should educate the public more on the DETAILS of romance and investment scams, such as placing advertisements or documentary on the topic more frequently, please give us a "like" & Share it.

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