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Who are we

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I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective

Psychological Games * Real IT Analysis * Legal Matters * Gender Studies

** Award-Winning Finalist in the True Crime: Non-Fiction category of the 2020 International Book Awards **

Computer engineer, Selina Co, becomes a hacker and actress who scams the scammer and captures his real information. Join Selina's adventure and her interaction with lawyers, police, hackers, banks and organizations ...

But ... why did this computer engineer fall victim in the first place, when she was not even in love with the fraudster? Will Selina be able to save the love of her life, Jason, who is believed to be in another romance scam?

This book is about hackers, psychological games to brainwash the criminal, technical aspects in cybercrime investigation, legal limitation, misconduct of certain banks and its role in the crime and money recovery analysis.

This true crime involves 7 countries (Australia, the United States, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria, China, New Zealand) in 4 continents.

Psychological games: Let's brainwash the criminals, as much as they want to brainwash you.

Real IT Data: How can technology stop the crime? Can real IT data help in catching Internet criminals?

Legal Matters: What legal problems do police /cybercrime detectives /victims face respectively?

Gender Studies: What happens if women agree to marry men whom she does not love? Gentlemen and ladies, can you tell who loves you and who loves you not?

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Hong Kong Protest Leaders – Sick facts that Western countries do not know

when a democratic movement itself is not democratic ...

Hong Kong protest activists have been proactively contacting foreign governments and foreign press, telling them how righteous they are and why their governments are wrong. But why have they not received the majority’s supports from the locals?

Award-winning author, Selina Co, is a Hong Kong citizen (dual citizen) and is native in Cantonese (Hong Kong’s spoken language) and fluent in English and Mandarin. Selina has interviewed Hongkongers from all walks of life and translated protest activists’ videos, statistics, local newspapers and verified reports to English, showing protest activists’ misconducts, misleading actions, lies, misbehaviours and how undemocratic protest leaders have been. Sources are presented to you whereas possible so that you can verify them. Most of these have never been presented to foreign governments or foreign press.

Being currently in Australia, Selina can speak freely and present facts, without interference by China or by protesters and have no conflict of interests from either side.

Perhaps, you will find that this ‘democratic movement’ is just a scam …

** This book is written for the best interest of the people. It has no intention to support or oppose Communist China.

- About us -

Established in 2018, Alpaca Consulting IT is your professional Romance Scam IT detective services / online dating fraud investigators. 

We are incorporated in Australia, and 100% Australia owned.

We specialize in cross-border romance scams /  online dating fraud (including those claim to be in your country but actually based elsewhere), which majority of romance scams belong to.  It requires good IT skills to analyse.   Victims in cross-countries romance scams have a very little chance of money recovery because they are outside your country’s jurisdiction. We are dedicated to preventing these scams and helping victims get to the truth. At least you will know whether he/she was fake or real, and know which country that attack came from(depending on which service you choose and detailed layout of the scam).

For scammers in your country, we can help you confirm they are in your country.  You can ask your police should be able to investigate them.

(We call ourselves “Alpaca” because the alpaca is a confusing animal. This sheep-like, ever-smiling creature is actually an excellent guard animal for sheep, kicking and killing wolves and foxes. The alpaca is a camelid without a hump. It is a real animal, but it is virtual and only exists on-line to almost all of the world.

The alpaca's face is even used in certain countries as the top mythical internet creature, the "grass mud horse".  Its nature is as confusing as a romance scam, and that makes alpacas the best natural enemy for them. It also teaches a little parable about internet identity:  do you believe an alpaca is talking to you because we put alpaca pictures into our profile?

- Qualification and skills -

We combine in-deep knowledge of romance scams and fake online dating profiles, together with solid relevant IT skills.  Our qualifications include:

* Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

* Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering

* White-hat hacking (we have the skill but do not provide hacking service to clients due to legal concern.)

* Programming, database, etc....

Other relevant skills

* A strong understanding and IT analysis skills in relation to fake romance scams or online dating fraud.  Previous discussion with a range of authorities and experts. 

* Understanding on cultures in developing countries where most romance scammers reside; and understanding on culture in developed countries.  These are useful in analysing international cybercrimes.

 - Why Alpaca Consulting IT? - 

* We are incorporated for a passion to fight against cybercrime, and not to earn a fortune.  We only charge labour costs as tasks are labour intensive.  

* You do not need to disclose your personal information because it is not important to our work. We are only interested in details about your online lover.   (We do need basic information on yourself to ensure you are not from scammer group: that means your country and state, email address, phone number )

* There are no many options in the market with our level of expertise:  in-depth understanding in romance scams, cultures, strong and relevant IT expertise and understanding in psychologies on both criminals & victims. 

- Our missioN-

Our mission is to help you identify or confirm romance scams using our IT skills. If you have already been scammed, we can help get to the truth and stop being victimized.

We also provide full analysis, exposing different aspects of romance scams to the public. We gather information from victims, our IT analysis, news sources, relevant organizations, police and government notice internationally. We will constantly update this website about the latest analysis. 

We also aim to build a strong and broad network with organizations and professionals internationally in the fight against romance scams. We aim to provide and promote robust analysis in different aspects of romance scams and propose and improve prevention strategies.

Our mission is to provide advice not only to individuals but also to organizations and governments.

- Our belieFs -

We believe that an IT evidence-based fight against online dating fraud can root out the devastating impacts of romance scams.  If you see that the person talking to you is actually in Nigeria, for example, instead of the US or Europe as he/she claim, you should immediately be awake.

As with other scams in real life, we believe 90% of romance scams are avoidable and detectable.  Do not panic because it is in the cyber world; but please panic if you are not knowledgeable about how romance scams work.

Despite the threat of romance scam, we still believe you do not need to stop pursuing love and a life-time partner using the Internet. You just need to be always very careful as we IT consultants are happy to provide related advice and evidence.  

- Future plan -

We have started to give organizations or dating sites advice on how to minimize the chance of being attacked by romance scammers.  We will continue to provide a broad analysis of romance scams across the globe.

At the moment, we are a company.  It has an advantage that we do not consume  government funding and public donation. Individuals or families or friends who want to protect their own money and personal safety from romance scam or online dating fraud will pay the cost.

While helping individuals with information and services is our focus at present, we also intend to advise and serve governments and organizations efficiently in the future.

 - Media -  

Jul-2019: Interview with Diffusion Science Radio. Full Version

Interview with Diffusion Science Radio (Shortened version -8 min):

Alpaca Consulting IT Pty Ltd - Romance Scam IT Detective

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We provide services to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong & Japan.
(Due to insufficient resources, other countries: +30% surcharge)

Experience + relevant IT skills + passion + understanding + knowledge = Success

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