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Money Recovery Planning Service

Money Recovery Planning Service:

Due to insufficient resources, please watch our above video, ebook or audiobook before applying the this Money recovery planning service.

This money recovery planning services only applies what is already explained in the above video or ebook into your specific case.

Therefore, please only apply for this service if you have watched our video or ebook but do not understand. Or when this video and ebook had not yet been published.

We only charge you AUD 80 to help you on money recovery planning, including answers of 1 round of questions you can ask.. We do NOT act on your behalf to deal with lawyers, police, etc...

Normally, 1 round of questions should be sufficient. But if you want additional help for 2nd round of questions, it will be an additional AUD 200-400.

We do not provide money recovery planning services to clients losing less than AUD 40,000 equivalent, or victims who have sent money to bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Please watch our video or ebook instead.

To apply:

Step 1) Please click and copy and paste the attached form , fill in the form, email

Step 2) We will then bill you with Paypal

Step 3)  After you send us the payment, we will start the work and get back to you as soon as possible.

Usual turnaround time for the whole process will be 5 days to 4 weeks, depending on how busy we are.

-- Disclaimer --

 "We" refers to Alpaca Consulting IT Pty Ltd; "Client" refers to the party(s) who seek services from Alpaca Consulting IT Pty Ltd.

* Our responsibility and liability are limited to the amount you pay.   (Please understand this company was established for the sake of helping people)Any financial loss or psychological stresses due to our possible delay or any possible situation is not our liability. If the client uses it for criminal use it is the client's own responsibility.  

* We are only charging you very cheap admin fees for our efforts to look into your case. This business only exists for the purpose of helping people and has not been profitable, so far.

* Therefore, NO REFUND if we cannot find a way to recover your money: because the answer "IMPOSSIBLE" still save you tens of thousands of dollars to lawyers and recovery agents. If the answer is "POSSIBLE", it is still no easy way and often consumes a lot of efforts by clients to eventually get the money recovered.

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We provide services to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, most European countries . Other countries can also apply for our services.

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