- Check photos-

Scammers use photos that do not belong to them. 2 possibilities:

i)  to pretend to be an existing person. But the person talking to you is not the person in the photo. OR

ii) to create a non-existing person. Occupation and country of residence he/she claimed often do not match the actual person in photos.  

AUD 60 for every 12 photos & General analysis and advice - Non-refundable

OR AUD 100 for every 20 photos & General analysis and advice - Non-refundable


- Country / IP address capture (Accurate) -

We will create a blog for you and your online lover.  Once he/she clicks the URL, his/her actual physical location (country/area) and IP address will be revealed.  In infrequent cases, they can have routed their IP address, but it is still the source on through where / whom they are routed. 

If your online lover is just a scammer, he/she would actually be in Africa or Malaysia etc. while he/she claims to be in Australia, the US or somewhere else (most cases).  If the IP is indeed from the country he/she claims to be, you still should not be fully certain he/she is real or fake but the IP remains an important source if you want to trace him/her. 

IP address + date (+time):  is usually useful if you report your case to police or cybercrime squad of your country.

AUD 180  -- if he/she is unwilling to click the URL (then it is quite certain he/she is a scammer), but IP address / real geolocation cannot be captured.   We will still give you a partial refund of AUD 40.   

< Option: If you have built your own website and prefer to use it to capture your online lover's geolocation/IP address, we can also do it for you BEFORE your online lover clicks it.  You must specify when you submit your request to us. >

- Verification of supporting websites, profiles, etc -

Your online lover can have sent you his/her company websites, Linkedin profiles, passport copy, etc for himself or his/her 3rd party support.

Technically, it is very easy to create a beautiful professional looking illegitimate website.  Non-technical people cannot distinguish easily.

We will verify how certain/likely they are real/fake.  We specialize in identifying fake websites, Linkedin profiles etc; 

For other documents such as Passport, banking document, contracts, best is for you to check with authorities;  but you may also send us and we will check if there is anything unusual or find external sources to check them for you.

AUD 48 - for 1 websites / profile / documents;

AUD 86 - for 2 websites / profile / documents  (+ AUD 38 for every 1 additional item)

(Partial refund of 30%available if there is insufficient information to comment on All pieces of websites / profiles / documents after our research.)


- Email's Country Source (IP Address) -

This method has an advantage that no interaction from an online lover is required, as long as he/she had ever sent you an email, even if the email was sent a while ago.

The disadvantage is that some email service provider has hidden this information, and even if not, it is possible to forge. <Criminals do not usually bother to fake it, and not all criminals have such skills.> 

In other words, if email's IP address reveals that he/she was in Africa, Malaysia when he/she claims to be in the US, Canada etc, then you know he/she is surely a scammer; but if email reveals that he/she was in the country he/she claims to be, then you are still not fully certain.

AUD 50 - if his/her IP address is hidden and we cannot find any information at all, we will partial refund you AUD 20.   

- (Advanced) photo examination - 

Different from classical photo identity check, this advanced photo examination is to examine data behind the photos. Contact us and we will explain how it works.  

AUD 30 for 3 photos OR AUD 50 for 5 photos (non-refundable)

Complimentary to check 3 photos for customers requesting "Check photos"


How to get our services?

Step 1) Please click and copy and paste the attached form , fill in the form, email
<Alternatively, if you do not know which service(s) you may need, just tell us your story and we will decide for you. >

Step 2) We will then bill you with Paypal

Step 3)  After you send us the payment, we will start the work and get back to you as soon as possible.

Usual turnaround time for the whole process will be 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on how busy we are.  Therefore, best is to request our service early.

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We provide services to Australia, New Zealand, Japan & Hong Kong.
(Due to insufficient resources, other countries: +30% surcharge)

Experience + relevant IT skills + passion + understanding + knowledge = Success

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-- Disclaimer --

 "We" refers to Alpaca Consulting IT Pty Ltd; "Client" refers to the party(s) who seek services from Alpaca Consulting IT Pty Ltd.

* Our responsibility and liability are limited to the amount you pay.   (Please understand this company was established for the sake of helping people)Any financial loss or psychological stresses due to our possible delay or any possible situation is not our liability. If the client uses it for criminal use it is the client's own responsibility.  

* We identify about 90% of romance scams, subject to:  a) quality and quantity of information you provide us.  b) possible new tricks that scammers can have just invented.  c) we cannot always advise whether he/she is using pictures of friend or enemy in the same city or not.

Therefore, clients should consider:  * those we have confirmed to be romance scammers are surely romance scammers;  * those we have not identified as romance scammers can still be fake online lovers or they may still approach clients for bad purposes.

* If he/she is not identified as romance scammers, then same as face-to-face dating:   We cannot advise whether your online lover really loves you or he/she approaches you for other purposes;  We cannot advise whether or not your online lover is a good person, and whether or not the online lover is cheating or lying. You need to judge; We cannot advise whether or not the online lover has a criminal record, you need to check with the authority.

* No matter if he/she is identified as romance scammer or not, you should still exercise normal online cautions:
a) beware of identity theft. Do not send out your passport details, banking details, etc.
b) do not send out intimate photos or similar nature over the Internet.
c) other normal online cautions.
d) beware of any lies or local crimes. Dating with him/her in person should be in safe, public places.

* This business only exists for the purpose of helping people and has not been profitable, so far.  Please understand we may occasionally change our price list based on how busy we are.  The price you pay would be based on the day you request services.